Choose Your Razor! Full Kit

Choose Your Razor! Full Kit

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Everything that you need to get started! This includes: 

  • Your Choice of any of the razors that we offer!
  • Progress Vulfix Pure Badger brush
  • Shave stand for your new razor and brush
  • Large apothecary-style mug for whipping up lather
  • A tin of Gunslinger Shave Soap
  • 5 pack of high quality blades

This kit is a great choice for someone new to wet shaving. All of the razors we offer are on top razor lists everywhere. The Merkur 23 and 34 are slightly lighter razors, the 23 having a long handle and the 34 with a shorter handle. The Parker razors are heavier and long handled, with the 76 having a stylish black handle and the 99 is chrome plated.

You can see the individual razor listings for more specifications, but no matter what you choose you're getting an amazing razor.

Your Progress Vulfix Pure Badger Brush is made with hair carefully chosen for their handcrafted brushes. Pure badger is firmer to the touch than other forms of badger, and is favored by many traditionalists for its ability to exfoliate the skin. It's sleek black handle looks great with this chrome stand. This exact brush is the one I reach for most often.

We offer 2 variety of Gunslinger Shave Soap. They are the same great soap, simply with different scents. Your scent will be chosen at random. However, they're both amazing, trust us. 

The 5-pack of blades will vary, but be assured that no matter what brand you get they will be of the highest quality. As a little bonus, the Merkur razors also come with one Merkur blade inside the box.




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  • IF BUYING SOAP: For longevity, we recommend removing your soap from the shower between uses.