Parker 76R - My Go-To Razor

Parker 76R - My Go-To Razor

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  • New for 2016
  • 4 inch handle with grip for easy control
  • 4 ounces, super heavy so that the razor does the work with no pressure
  • Butterfly head makes changing blades a breeze
  • Free 5 pack of blades

Over the last several years, Parker has stepped up strong - it's a name you'll see on everyone's list of top razors. The newly released 76R is no exception. After many talks with Parker comparing this razor to their very well reviewed 96R, we decided to try the 76R out and loved it. At 4 ounces, it's considered a Super Heavyweight razor. The stylish black handle allows for incredible grip, and at 4 inches in length, it's easy to hold onto. The butterfly style head that Parker is known for makes changing the blade a breeze – just twist the bottom and the head opens right up!

Personally, I'm thoroughly impressed with the 76R, and I believe it will be on many top razor lists once it has a little time on the market.

*All razors purchased from Gunslinger include a 5 pack of premium blades.


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