Merkur 23C - Merkur's Top Seller

Merkur 23C - Merkur's Top Seller

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  • Merkur's top seller
  • 4 inch handle, great for bigger hands
  • 1.75 ounce razor weight
  • 6 free blades - a 5 pack from us, plus one in the box

The 23C is a great choice for someone new to wet shaving, and highly rated among more experienced bladesmen. Not only is it a mainstay on top razor lists everywhere, but it's commonly number 1 on the list. This may be why it is Merkur's top selling safety razor. Its 4 inch long handle and lighter weight (1.75oz) makes transitioning from a cartridge style razor a breeze.

To top it off, the 23C is also one of the most affordable razors on the market. All around, this is a great, well balanced razor and comes highly recommended. Pair it with a quality blade and some Gunslinger Shave Soap and you'll see why Merkur competes at the top of the safety razor world.

*All razors purchased from Gunslinger include a 5 pack of premium blades. All Merkur Razors also include one Merkur blade in the box.


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